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Speech Therapy


Registered Speech Language Pathologist

Chantal will be at Decker Lake School every other Friday.


Chantal is able to provide support to children in the following areas:

  1. ​Speech: Articulation/child is hard to understand or has difficulty saying some speech sounds. **
  2. Language: attending, focusing, listening, understanding directions and conversation, social communication and interactions, ‘school English’ grammar/sentence rules.
  3. Stuttering: repeating or stretching sounds or words, struggling or getting ‘stuck’ when talking.
  4. Voice: hoarse or strained voice, nasal voice, voice too high or low
  5. ​Hearing: difficulty hearing or recognizing differences between similar words, inconsistent responding to directions, complaining that they can’t hear, turning head or straining to listen.
**Our school receives services from Tiny Eye speech therapy as well. Children with ‘articulation’ or ‘speech’ goals may be referred for Tiny Eye (computer-based) services, with monitoring from Chantal if required.

Referrals can be made through your child’s teacher. 

Once a referral is received, speech therapy support may be in the form of individual or group sessions during weekly school visits or consultation may be provided to the classroom teacher to support your child’s speech and language in the classroom.​